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Coin Master Free Spins – 5 June 2021

what’s coin master and How coin master works?

coin master free spins

Coin Master is taking up the world of gaming by storm. The game was developed in 2010. It
is an IOS/Android application game where players can spin to win.

Coin Master is a strategy game based on building with slot machines. The Coin Master game is very simple, just you need to spin a slot machine to start the game. With this, you can earn coins, raid and attack other player’s bases or get shields to defend the attacks from the other players. And also you can use these coins to build the village and upgrade bases.

Coin Master is very easy to understand and you can start the play from the word go. There is no rocket science to learn the game for hours and days. But, there is always room to improve the interface and optimize the gameplay experience. So, do read briefly about the rules and some tips to be the best in the game to slash the other players.

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#1 How to play this game and get coin master free spins

this game is not a technical game, and does not require any skills. This is a very interesting and relaxing game that you can play anytime, anywhere. There are no concentration and concentration requirements. All you have to do is buy something with coins to build your own village.

  • There is a virtual slot machine on the screen, and under it there is a red button that you will press
  • every time you press the red button. Press the button and the slot machine will display a combination of three objects.
  • Each combination has many rewards for players.
  • The combination of three identical items will help you get the best return.
  • You can use the collected currency to build and improve your village.
  • If you match three pigs or hammers, you can rob treasure from other villages.

#2 Elements of game

The following is a list of similar item combinations and their rewards.

3 shields: shields can prevent attacks on your village. You can have three at a time, and over time, each tie will give you a chance to attack. You will lose your shield until you lose all your shields. After that, you can easily lose a lot of coins to attack. If you want to avoid this, you may have to log in to the entire game and try to spin to get more shields.

3 Rogue pigs: If you combine 3 pigs, you can go to a village to steal coins. You can dig in 3 places, but if you have a pet, you can use the fourth one.

3 Energy capsules: these are the blue capsules present in the slot machine. If you get a uniform combination of these three energy units, it will rotate 10 more times.

3 coins: If you combine 3 coins, you will get more money, depending on the level.

#3 First play the game as a guest

After activating Coin Master, you will be asked to log in to your Facebook account. Ignore this option. Register as a guest so you can use all free spins on the slot machine. And the coins you got from the beginning.

You need to have enough coins to build certain parts of the village, and you need to make a lot of spins to get more coins.

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#4 Log in to your Facebook account to make real progress

On the slot machine, you ran out of spins and a few coins to help you build a village further. .When you reach the “notorious” wall mentioned above, connect the game to your Facebook account. The benefits are too useful to be ignored. After linking the game to your Facebook account, you will immediately be rewarded with 50 slot machine spins and an incredible million coins!

Another benefit of connecting the game to your Facebook account is that you can invite your friends to join the game. For each friend who joins the Coin Master on your behalf, you will get an additional 25 spins on the slot machine. You can send and receive spins and coins regularly, so it is very convenient to be a generous friend.

#5 Reach level 3 as quickly as possible

Open the chest at level 3. After getting there, you will receive more free rewards from the box system every day. Try to reach level 3 as quickly as possible.

#6 Collect your daily bonus, Coin Master Free Spins

Every player will get Coin Master Free Spins on the bonus round every day to win the bonus. You can spin the slot machine, but make sure to use your daily bonus. Its target maybe 50,000 or 1 million. It all depends on luck.

#7 Play Coin Master every day and get coin master free spins

Play Coin Master every day. If you register every day, you can win a total of 50 spins. Come back every day and you will definitely get extra spins and coins from your Facebook friends.

You should also develop the habit of playing Viking slot machines every day and completing regular reward tasks. Of course, you should take advantage of this. Daily bonus round. Back and their incredible returns.


#1 Get pets at level 4

After unlocking the fourth village, Coin Master gives you the option of three pets. The
pets in the game are your companion in the quest to conquer and become the coin
master. Apart from being the cutest they have their distinct bonuses. Each pet levels
up; as its powers are used and eventually becomes better at doing their job. You can
have only one pet active at a time.

1. Tiger:

it is used to get more rewards from attacks, so player scan snatch improved
rewards during attacks, even from those who are blocked by shields. If you get to
attack and the tiger is in active mode, you get more percentage of rewards. You can
upgrade the level of tiger by XP increase.

2. Rhino:

it helps you to protect your village from attacks. If your village is being
attacked by another player and you don’t have any shields with you, rhino will block
the attacks better than any shield.

3. Foxy:

it helps in raiding and earning raid rewards. It will always dig up the fourth
hole during a raid so as to earn extra coins. It will be the first pet to get unlocked and
its raiding skills are exceptionally helpful.

Note: It’s important to remember to feed your pet, or else it will go to sleep and become

#2 Do not store your coin

Preservation can only work in real life. With Coin Master, you should never try to save. Please use coins to upgrade before exiting the game. -Depositing coins is a big risk, because a robbery definitely means you will lose everything. The game allows users to steal the treasures of others.

#3 Rotate again after at least 10 hours and get coin master free spins

You can get 5 spins per hour, with a limit of 50 spins per day. You will use these phrases from time to time, but this is a bad idea. You have fewer opportunities to make money, so you cannot make major improvements. If you save it, your lover will only be stolen. If you wait for all 50 spins to complete, then you are more likely to make huge gains from spins and therefore make huge progress.


#1 Exchange your cards online.

Transaction cards allow you to buy rare cards, which can be used to unlock new items and collect more gifts.

#2 Feed your pet

If you have pets, be sure to feed them before the raid. In a normal robbery, you can only mine 3 locations, but you can visit all 4 locations with a pet. The food is stored for 4 hours. Before feeding your pet, make sure you have enough exercise. This is an important part of Coin Master’s tips and tricks. This will ensure a “perfect raid” opportunity.


coin master free spins

1. The bag of coins

It provides you with coins to proceed with the gameplay. Every bag of coins you get after any spin in the slot machine gives you a small rewarding. You will get a bigger pay out after
getting an entire row of them in a go

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2. Hammer – Attack:

The hammer is an element in the game that allows you to attack and loot another village. This is your most common item on the slot machine. The attack mode allows you to get 5 points to choose the attack location. Remember, the hammer can only be used once. Then he disappeared. Hammering will stop using the protective cover. You will receive a small portion of coins in the village. Break the shield and it will disappear.

3. Shield – Defend:

Provide protection to prevent the village from being hammered. Remember to always use a protective cover to protect your village from intruders. Protective shields can only be used once, after which they will disappear. If you want to protect your village from regular attacks, consider buying a protective cover.

4. The Pig Bandit – Raid:

pig face is rare in slot machines. If you know it, you can raid the village of General Motors, which has more gold than anyone else in the game. You have 3 chances to discover the village of the game master. Pig face is very difficult to find, and has huge coins in the game.

10 Methods To Get Coin Master Free Spins and Coins

Are you a diehard fan of Coin Master Game and unable to find the free spins and coins to utilize the maximum gameplay? Yes, you are in right place to know about them. We have compiled a list where you can able to find the free spins and also collect the coins for free.

Coin Master Free Spins methods are sourced from official Coin Master’s social media platforms. All mentioned in the list are safe and updated after being tested by self.

  1. Become a Village Master to Get Coin Master Free Spins
  2. Gift Each Other or Sharing With Friends
  3. Coin Master Hourly Rewards
  4. Invite Facebook Friends
  5. Gift Links in Coin Master
  6. Add New Friends and Get More Daily Rewards
  7. Completing the Card Sets
  8. Earn Coin Master Spins In Events
  9. Rewards from Viking Quest
  10. Watching Video Ads

1. Become a Village Master to Get Coin Master Free Spins

The next method to get Coin Master Free Spins or coins is by completing a village and becoming a Village Master. By this, you will be rewarded like spins, coins, pet food, or XPS. In the early stages of the game, you get 10 free spins and some dozens of coins. As you proceed further in the game, you will be rewarded better.

2. Gift Each Other or Sharing With Friends

Once you have shared the invitations with your friends and made them join as well, now your friends can gift or you can gift the spins and coins each day. By this method, you won’t lose any spins and a total of 100 spins can be share (send and receive) by this method.

3. Coin Master Free Spins Hourly Rewards

The third method to get Coin Master Free Spins Hourly Rewards. What I mean by this is, every hour that you wait, you will be rewarded with 5 spins for free, making 50 spins in total. So, if you wait for 10 hours, you can utilize this method to get Coin Master Free Spins to the maximum.

Note: You can get daily coin master free spins daily with From the link above.

4. Invite Facebook Friends and get coin master free spins

The first and easy method to earn coin master free spins, is by inviting friends on the social media platform Facebook, for every friend you invite will, in turn, give you 40 spins for free. You will only get the said spins for free, once your invited friend downloads the game from your link and log in by Facebook.

5. Coin master free spins and Gift Links

Gift links are another best method to get coin master free spins every day. The game provides some gift links, which are official for the users. You may ask where will I find the gift links? The answer is, you get these links in email or on social media platforms of Coin Master. These links can be very handy, which will help to build your village.

6. Add New Friends and Get More Daily Rewards

Adding new friends to the game may be the simplest way for many here. But, if you get rewarded for adding your friends, sure it will be the goto method. So, every time you invite your friend to the coin master game and make them join, you get rewarded with free spins.

The best part of this method is that there is no limit in getting the free spins. You can pile up the spins stock and the reward also depends on the level your playing in the game.

7. Completing the Card Sets

The sixth method to get rewarded free spins is by completing card sets. The more frequently you complete the card sets, you will get the more rewards and also free spins. So, make sure to collect cards, whether it be a rare card or any other to get free spins.

8. Earn coin master free spins In Events

Events on Coin Master are a great way to get Coin Master free spins and rewards, which can go up to 50,000. There are many such events in the game, when completed successfully can reward you the most.

Most of the time, you may get a massive number of free spins. So, don’t miss the Coin Master events at any cost and win big.

9. coin master free spins Watching Video Ads

Like many other games, Coin Master also uses the ad service to earn and also to reward the users.

This method can reward you, 5 free spins by watching a video ad at maximum. But, we have a small catch here, this way of getting free spins will be only available when you have less than 10 spins and you get only one spin with this method.

10. Rewards from Viking Quest

Viking Quest is the best method to get free spins, XPS, pet foods, and also gold cards to add to the list of rewards. You should never miss playing the Viking Quest event without any second thought.

Viking Quest has many stages, when you complete each stage successfully you get rewarded accordingly. But, the downside to playing Viking Quest is that you need to have a lot of coins and the reward from the event is the biggest.

Village building

There is a village building feature in the game, where you use the coins, you collect
from the slot machine to build and upgrade buildings in your village which allows you
to win stars and make a progress up in the leader board. As far as the buildings and
village are concerned, they do literally nothing except that you gain stars whenever
you upgrade a building.

But the attacks and raids gained from the slot machine feature allows you to attack
and raid other players’ villages in order to gain more coins for your gameplay.


Whenever you plan to attack some other players village in order to gain more coins for your gameplay, the game automatically transports you to a random village of one of your friends the village of any random player on the game for you to attack.

After entering into the other player’s village, you get to access the “Revenge” button on the
top of the screen. After you select the button, it will display the names of all the last number of players who have had attacked you earlier as a list and will let you choose which one exactly you would like to revenge on.


Cards are the items that are found throughout the gameplay. Nine unique cards
make up each themed collection. These are mostly collected through chests which
can be won from different events, during raids or can also be bought by coins. Each
completed collection of cards rewards the players with spins and other gifts.

New cards can be found, either when the village level itself decides the cards that
can be found in the chests or by trading the cards with the friends at any time.

The Gold Cards are found in higher villages only and they can be used in trade with friends during any special gold card trading events. Each gold card event allows for
two specific gold cards to be traded.

what is chest in coin master app?

Chests are items in the game that contain cards that can be collected. These chests
can be collected in a number of different ways. While playing the game, you have the
chance of digging up a chest during any raids, and chests are also rewarded when
you finish a village in the game. Also, they can be bought anytime by using your
coins in the game shop.

Coin Master Chest List

The three types of chests that game provides are:

1. Wooden Chest

This is the cheapest chest in the game. This chest gives you two random cards
that means you can get the same cards as you have already or there is a
possibility that you get new cards also.

2. Golden Chest

This chest is little bit expensive than the wooden chest. This chest gives you four
random cards.

3. Magical Chest

This chest is the most expensive chest of the game. This chest gives you eight
cards. All cards are as random as other two chests above mentioned. But you
have a high majority of chances to get a new golden card.

Card Drop Odds by Chest

Cards can be found in chests, and each card is a part of a specific card chest.
Whenever you complete a card set, it results in great rewards. As, the player makes
a progress in the gameplay, new card sets are unlocked. The chances of getting a
rare card totally depend on which chest you are opening.


Wooden, golden and magical At village 3
Small lucky chest At village 4
Small Easter chest At village 10
Big Easter and emerald chest At village 20
Valentine’s and big lucky chest At village 30
Viking and sapphire chest At village 70
Fortune chest At village 100
Ruby chest At village 110
Epic chest At village 130
Level Village Cost
1. Land of vikings 3.1 Million
2. Ancient Egypt 5.2 Million
3. Snowy Alp 9.5 Million
4. Inca 13.2 Million
5. Far East 16.3 Million
6. Stone Age 17.4 Million
7. Sunny Hawaii 20.6 Million
8. Troy 25.8 Million
9. Africa 31 Million
10. Atlantis 34.8 Million
11. The Future 35.8 Million
12. Woodstock 37.4 Million
13. Arabian Nights 41 Million
14. Moon Landing 42.8 Million
15. Wild West 46.6 Million
16. Netherland 48.3 Million
17. Jungle 51.3 Million
18. WonderLand 53.8 Million
19. Miners 56.2 Million
20. The Arctic 60 Million
21. Apocalypse 61 Million
22. Candy Land 63.4 Million
23. Army Camp 64.2 Million
24. Halloween 65.3 Million
25. The Tribe 66.6 Million
26. Australia 71 Million
27. Columbus 69.7 Million
28. Mexico 75.8 Million
29. Magical Forest 81 Million
30. India 85.7 Million
31. The 50’s 91.7 Million
32. Thailand 97.2 Million
33. Coin Manor 108.9 Million
34. Dragon Lair 115.2 Million
35. Greek Land 120.1 Million
36. La Dreams 126.3 Million
37. The Wizard 134 Million
38. Oil Tyrant 141.5 Million
39. La Familia 153.6 Million
40. Area 51 163.8 Million
41. Night of the Dead 165.1 Million
42. Steampunk Land 174.6 Million
43. The Zoo 180.5 Million
44. Riussia 192.3 Million
45. Musketeers 205 Million
46. Lady Bug 216.2 Million
47. Theme Park 229 Million
48. Tibet 251.5 Million
49. Hell 272.8 Million
50. Easter 279 Million
51. Japan 282.9 Million
52. Swamp 291 Million
53. Wizard of Oz 304 Million
54. Timbuktu 320.7 Million
55. Jurassic Ville 345.3 Million
56. Canada 348.1 Million
57. Mongolia 368.4 Million
58. Jack Beanstalk 384.1 Million
59. Scotland 409.9 Million
60. Robin Hood 433.1 Million
61. Deep Sea 453.3 Million
62. Don Quixote 483.4 Million
63. Colosseum 505.3 Million
64. Cat Castle 523 Million
65. Olympus 542.6 Million
66. Trolls 565.8 Million
67. Aliens 591.4 Million
68. Da Vinci 630 Million
69. Sand Land 658.5 Million
70. Elves 694.8 Million
71. Switzerland 726.2 Million
72. Truckers 773.7 Million
73. Spain 836 Million
74. Little Red 890 Million
75. Unicorn 950 Million
76. Scientist 1 Billion
77. Romania 1 Billion
78. Singapore 1 Billion
79. Tin Soldier 1.1 Billion
80. Crazy Bride 1.1 Billion
81. Pilot 1.2 Billion
82. Fairy Tale 1.3 Billion
83. Car Racing 1.4 Billion
84. Gnome 1.4 Billion
85. Desert Punk 1.4 Billion
86. Detective 1.4 Billion
87. Baba Yaga 1.5 Billion
88. Barbaria 1.7 Billion
89. Resturant 1.7 Billion
90. King Arthur 1.8 Billion
91. Sinbad 1.8 Billion
92. Bikers Bar 2 Billion
93. Caribbean Resort 2.1 Billion
94. Super Heroes 2.2 Billion
95. Egyption Pyramids 2.2 Billion
96. Olympic Games 2.3 Billion
97. Mountain Climbers 2.4 Billion
98. Milky Way 2.6 Billion
99. Ski Slope 2.7 Billion
100. Royal Monkey 2.8 Billion
101. Snow White 2.8 Billion
102. Goblin Ghetto 3.1 Billion
103. Yemen 3.4 Billion
104. Wu Xing 3.4 Billion
105. Circus 3.6 Billion
106. Yokai 3.7 Billion
107. Golf Course 3.8 Billion
108. Lucha Libre 4.1 Billion
109. Cyber Cowboys 4.2 Billion
110. Rice Farmer 4.6 Billion
111 Caption Shipyard 4.7 Billion
112. Irish Craic 5 Billion
113. Oktoberfest 5.3 Billion
114. Amazon 5.6 Billion
115. Aztec 5.7 Billion
116. Forbidden City 5.8 Billion
117. Ice Queen 6 Billion
118. Samurai 6.4 Billion
119. Santa’s Factory 6.7 Billion
120. Soccer 7 Billion
121. Tennis 7.4 Billion
122. Thanksgiving 7.8 Billion
123. Toys 8.2 Billion
124. Venice 8.5 Billion
125. Witches 9 Billion
126. Yankee 9.2 Billion
127. Zanzibar 9.6 Billion
128. Moby Dick 10.2 Billion
129. Turkey 10.6 Billion
130. Argentina 11.3 Billion
131. Boxing Club 11.8 Billion
132. Carnival 12.6 Billion
133. Dracula 13.1 Billion
134. Future Park 13.5 Billion
135. Gymnastics 14.3 Billion
136. New York 14.5 Billion
137. Swamp Princess 15.1 Billion
138. Punk Rock 15.2 Billion
139. Railroad 16.2 Billion
140. Rio 17.8 Billion
141. Space Pirate 18.6 Billion
142. Mech Workshop 19.8 Billion
143. Jocke & Jonna 20.7 Billion
144. Colombia 21.1 Billion
145. Petra 21.6 Billion
146. Monkey Kingdom 22 Billion
147. Persian Sultan 22.6 Billion
148. Desert Party 22.9 Billion
149. Hercules 23.4 Billion
150. Shaolin 23.8 Billion
151. Bakershop 24.6 Billion
152. Billiard 24.8 Billion
153. Noah’s Ark 25.8 Billion
154. Doomsday 26.8 Billion
155. Orc 28.2 Billion
156. Fairy 29 Billion
157. Ice Age 30.2 Billion
158. Cleopatra 30.5 Billion
159. Valhalla 31.3 Billion
160. Supervillain 32 Billion
161. Horse Racing 33.6 Billion
162. Jazz Club 34.2 Billion
163. Fashion 34.5 Billion
164. Barber Shop 36 Billion
165. Mermaid City 37.1 Billion
166. Street Dance 37.9 Billion
`167. Saloon Slickers 38.8 Billion
168. Centaure 40.6 Billion
169. Dungeon Lair 41.8 Billion
170. Brazil Amazon 43.8 Billion
171. Morocco 45 Billion
172. Firefighters 45.7 Billion
173. Jousting 46.6 Billion

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